Enshrouded: A New ARPG Survival Game

(Image credit: Keen Games)

The survival game genre never fails to deliver captivating surprises, often emerging as unexpected hits. These games excel in providing immersive multiplayer experiences, intense gameplay with high stakes, and a canvas for boundless creativity. Renowned titles like Minecraft and Valheim have dominated the gaming landscape, captivating players worldwide. Enshrouded, an upcoming survival title developed by Keen Games, aims to follow in their footsteps and become the next sensation in the realm of early-access games on Steam.

Bulding & Terraforming looks amazing

Prepare for an immersive journey in Enshrouded, where you assume the role of a Flameborn thrust into the daunting challenge of surviving the unforgiving realm of Embervale. This corrupted world, consumed by The Shroud, demands unwavering determination as you harness every skill in your ARPG arsenal. The demo provides a tantalizing glimpse of the game’s versatility, allowing you to construct diverse structures while showcasing the remarkable destructibility of the environment. Unleash your prowess by breaking down walls, carving through solid rock, and obliterating plants and structures to uncover precious resources that empower you to erect entirely new creations limited only by your boundless creativity.

Combat Preview

Enshrouded emerges as an exhilarating Action RPG that thrives on its adrenaline-fueled combat mechanics. Within the expansive world, pockets of The Shroud have already engulfed specific areas, luring audacious adventurers with promises of valuable treasures and resources. To claim these coveted spoils, you must exhibit exceptional speed and agility. Mastery of blocking, parrying, and dodging becomes paramount when facing the diverse array of corrupted monsters that lurk in the shadows.

You can always stay in a bush

Additionally, stealth assumes a significant role in dispatching groups of enemies. The developers have ingeniously incorporated the cover of bushes, capitalizing on situations where multiple adversaries patrol enshrouded zones, providing you with the perfect opportunity to execute tactical strikes. To experience the thrilling closed beta, you can apply at: Closed Beta Ahead!

While Enshrouded is not yet available on Steam, its planned early-access release date is set for 2023.

(Image credit: Keen Games)

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