Valorant: Set to Make Impactful Debut in China

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Tencent Holdings, the world’s leading video game publisher in terms of revenue, is set to bring Riot Games’ popular shooting game Valorant to mainland China, marking its long-awaited debut in the country.

Highly anticipated

As Riot Games’ first-person tactical shooter, Valorant is poised to captivate a vast new player base as it prepares to launch in the region later this summer. Overcoming previous regulatory hurdles, Valorant has recently obtained approval for release in China, paving the way for a highly anticipated introduction. Riot Games aims to make a resounding impact with Valorant’s official launch in China, supported by a series of planned events and tournaments. Notably, the Chinese version of Valorant will introduce a highly sought-after replay function, allowing players to review and refine their gameplay within the game itself.

Riot Games, a subsidiary of Tencent since 2011, is renowned for developing League of Legends, a game that has played a pivotal role in Tencent’s ascent as a global gaming powerhouse. Tencent has identified Valorant as its “most important game published this year” and is eagerly preparing to make it available to players in mainland China starting this Wednesday.

(Image credit: Riot Games)

Valorant in China will feature 16 Agents and four maps

The launch of Valorant in China will feature 16 Agents and four maps initially, while other countries already offer a roster of 23 Agents, including the recent addition of Deadlock on June 27. As time progresses, additional Agents will be gradually introduced to the Chinese version of the game, expanding its content and gameplay diversity.

Excitingly, Chinese players will gain access to an exclusive weapon known as the Tai Chi Fan, which not only serves as a melee weapon but also boasts a built-in recording tool. This unique addition enhances the gameplay experience for Chinese players, providing them with a versatile and innovative tool to wield in their Valorant matches.

Furthermore, Valorant will be accompanied by an official offline event in China during the summer. From July 3 to July 16, Shanghai will host the qualifiers for the highly anticipated Valorant Champions 2023, where the top 12 Chinese teams will compete. This tournament showcases the growing competitive scene of Valorant in China and adds to the excitement surrounding the game’s entry into the Chinese market.

(Image credit: Riot Games)

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