Netflix Removes Basic Tier: Ad-Free Viewing Now Starts at $15.49 per Month

The removal of Netflix’s Basic tier has led to the most budget-friendly ad-free option now costing $15.49 per month, marking the end of the cheapest means to enjoy Netflix without ads.

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Recently, Netflix silently eliminated the $9.99-per-month Basic tier as a subscription choice for both US and UK users from its website. Consequently, new subscribers seeking the most economical way to experience ad-free Netflix content will need to opt for the $15.49 per month Standard plan. Alternatively, they can select the ad-supported option at $6.99 per month ($4.99 in the UK).

While Netflix did not provide a specific reason for discontinuing the Basic plan, it’s likely a strategic move to boost revenue. The company has been set to report Q2 earnings, and in April, they revealed that their ad-based tier generates a higher “Average Revenue per Membership” in the US compared to the Standard option.

Main drawback is the lack of content download for offline viewing

Netflix has officially announced that the Basic plan is no longer available for new or returning members in both the US and UK. However, existing Basic subscribers will not be impacted and can continue with their current plan until they decide to make changes or cancel their subscription. According to a Netflix spokesperson, the starting prices of $6.99 in the US and £4.99 in the UK are competitively set, offering exceptional value due to the extensive and high-quality content library.

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The “Basic with ads” plan’s main drawback is the lack of content download for offline viewing. The Basic and Basic with ads plans were both upgraded in April to offer 720p video quality, while the Standard plan supports 1080p streams, and the Premium plan includes 4K + HDR streaming.

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