Tweets Will Now Be Called X’s

The internet is buzzing with news of Twitter’s recent name change. Formerly known as, the platform has now rebranded as, while still encouraging users to “tweet.”

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Elon Musk, after teasing the change earlier, has now replaced Twitter’s iconic bird logo with an X logo. So, when users visit Twitter on the web, they will be greeted with the X logo, signifying the completion of a transition that Musk initiated in April. This transition involved merging Twitter, Inc. into X Corp, effectively dissolving Twitter, Inc. Musk clarified in a recent tweet that now redirects to, and the X logo is currently being used as an “interim” design.

Twitter is Shedding Its Feathers

This change might create some confusion among long-time Twitter users, as the terminology has also shifted. When asked, Musk confirmed that tweets are now referred to as “x’s.” Whether people will readily adopt this term instead of “tweets” remains to be seen.

Meta, on the other hand, launched Threads as a Twitter alternative, which gained impressive initial traction with over 100 million sign-ups in its first few days. However, interest in Threads has dwindled significantly, and its traffic has dropped by half within a week.

Twitter employees were informed of the rebranding through an email statement from Musk, who emphasized that all future business communication would be conducted using, marking the end of his communications via

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Musk’s affinity for the letter X is not new

While some may find the name change surprising, Musk’s affinity for the letter X is not new. His rocket company, SpaceX, prominently features the letter in its name, and two decades ago, was the name of his payments company, which later became PayPal through a merger. Musk has a history of using the letter X in his startup names.

As of now, the rebranding is just a name change, with no new features introduced, aligning with Musk’s typical product strategy of generating hype first and delivering updates later.

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mandeep Singh suggests that the name change indicates Musk’s intention to retain control of the company in the near future. Prior to Musk’s takeover in April 2022, some speculated that he might make changes to Twitter and quickly sell it to another buyer. However, with the name change, Singh believes that option is no longer on the table, as potential buyers may be deterred.

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