Path Of Exile 2 Won’t Replace POE 1, But MTs Will Be Usable In Both Games

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In 2019, Grinding Gear Games provided us with the first glimpse of Path of Exile 2. Apart from a few minor teasers, there has been scarce information about it since then. Originally conceived as a sequel, the intention was not to create an entirely new game, but rather a significant update or remaster that would introduce fresh graphics, content, and systems to the existing game.

However, during this year’s ExileCon keynote, Grinding Gear Games made an announcement. Path of Exile 2, which was initially intended to replace its predecessor, will now be developed as a separate game running on its own client. The decision to separate the games was prompted by the substantial expansion and development of PoE2 since its initial announcement four years ago, as reported by PC Gamer.

“We realized that our plan to replace PoE 1 with PoE 2 would essentially be destroying a game that people love for no reason, so we made a decision,” Rogers said in the keynote. “Path of Exile 1 and 2 will be separate, with their own mechanics, balance, endgame, and leagues.”

Here’s a list of some new features for Path of Exile 2:

  • Six new character classes, along with the six from PoE 1 for 12 total (Sorceress, Monk, Huntress, Mercenary, Warrior, Druid)
  • Tons of new skills, including shapeshifting (bear, wolf, cat) and giant comets
  • A revamped skill gem system where the links are in the gems themselves, not tied to equipment
  • New ascendancies, with three for each class
  • New weapon types, like spear and crossbow that have their own skills
  • A six act story campaign set 20 years after the death of Kitava
  • Over 100 new bosses to battle, each with unique mechanics

Almost All Path of Exile 1 and 2 microtransactions will be usable in both games

The term “shared platform” refers to the integration of microtransactions within your account, making them accessible in both Path of Exile 1 and 2. This applies not only to items purchased since 2013 but also to future acquisitions in Path of Exile 2, with a few exceptions.

Chris Rogers clarified this, stating that everything you have bought or will buy can be used in both games unless it’s specifically tailored to the unique content of one game. For instance, if your character cannot transform into a bear in PoE1, a bear form reskin wouldn’t function. However, you will be able to utilize the fantastic armor set and all your stash tabs seamlessly.

(Image credit: Grinding Gear Games)

The development of Path of Exile 2 appears to be a true sequel to a game that has been evolving for the past ten years. The closed beta for Path of Exile 2 is scheduled to commence on June 7, 2024.

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