Final Fantasy 16 Confirms PC Version

Square Enix has officially confirmed the development of a PC version for Final Fantasy 16, adding to the excitement of fans eagerly awaiting this news. Director Naoki Yoshida himself made the announcement, promising more details to be unveiled later this year. This revelation comes in addition to the announcement of two forthcoming paid DLCs for the game.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Previously, it was uncertain whether the PlayStation 5 exclusive title would expand to other platforms, but now, a producer has officially confirmed the PC release. The official Twitter account for Final Fantasy 16 even shared a video featuring Yoshi-P, who not only confirmed the PC development but also announced a free update available for immediate download.

This update Introduces a Transmog System for Clive’s Weapon

This update introduces a transmog system for Clive’s weapon and alternative outfits for playable characters, including Clive, Jill, Torgal, Ambrosia, and Joshua. Moreover, the update incorporates additional controller layouts and user-friendly improvements for newcomers. While details on the paid DLCs are yet to be disclosed, it is likely they will be revealed alongside the PC version.

Fans can anticipate the PC release to coincide with the conclusion of Final Fantasy 16’s timed exclusivity on the PS5, expected to end in late December. However, history suggests that the game might not immediately arrive on other platforms, as seen with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which took almost two years to reach PC. It is also uncertain whether an Xbox release is in the cards, although the recent announcement of Final Fantasy 14 coming to Xbox consoles raises hopes for a broader Microsoft platform presence.

In conclusion, the long-awaited PC version of Final Fantasy 16 has been officially confirmed by producer Naoki Yoshida, who assured fans that development is actively underway. Alongside this news, two paid DLCs are in the works, and while no specific release date for the PC version has been announced, more information is expected to be shared before the end of the year. So, for now, fans can explore other Final Fantasy titles on PC and dive into various single-player gaming adventures while awaiting the release.

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